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Eclipse January is a set of libraries for handling numerical data in Java. It is inspired in part by NumPy and aims to provide similar functionality.

Why use it?
  • Familiar. Provide familiar functionality, especially to NumPy users.
  • Robust. Has test suite and is used in production heavily at Diamond Light Source.
  • No more passing double[]. IDataset provide a consistent object for basing APIs on with significantly improved clarity over using double arrays or similar.
  • Optimized. Optimized for speed and getting better all the time.
  • Scalable. Allows handling of data sets larger than available memory with "Lazy Datasets".
  • Focus on your algorithms. By reusing this library it allows you to focus on your code.

Try it out:

Getting Started Guide.

Quickstart Interactive Lab   A step-by-step tutorial with no download required.

Browse through the examples:

  • Basic Example show simple concepts for array creation, maths and slicing.
  • NumPy Examples show how common NumPy constructs map to Eclipse Datasets.
  • Slicing Examples demonstrate slicing, including how to slice a small amount of data out of a dataset too large to fit in memory all at once.
  • Error Examples demonstrate applying an error to datasets.
  • Iteration Examples demonstrate a few ways to iterate through your datasets.
  • Lazy Examples demonstrate how to use datasets which are not entirely loaded in memory.
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From October 21st, 2016 to July 6th, 2018

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