Eclipse SWTChart™ 0.7.0 Release Review

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This is the first release of the Eclipse SWTChart library after the project has become an official Eclipse project. SWTChart extensions, that have been formerly developed under the umbrella of Eclipse EAVP, are now merged into this official project.

SWTChart can principally be used to easily draw charts in SWT. Mainly, three types are supported:

  • Line Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Bar Charts

The repo is divided into two parts:

  • org.eclipse.swtchart
  • org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions

All basic chart functionalities and the well designed API are located in "org.eclipse.swtchart". Convenient charts are located in "org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions", which e.g. allow to scroll and to modify the menu entries and key actions easily. The extensions allow to customize charts interactively and in many different ways, without the need to understand every detail of the underlying API.

Non-Code Aspects

Many examples how to use the library are part of the repo. They are located in:

  • org.eclipse.swtchart.examples
  • org.eclipse.swtchart.extensions.examples

Additionally, a launch setting is also available which lets one easily explore the possibilities of the library.

  • SWTChart Extension Examples.launch


Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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I'd like to release the first official version of Eclipse SWTChart. I thought a message have been sent when creating the 0.7.0 release request one week ago. There was no response, maybe I have to push this message.