Eclipse Californium (Cf) CoAP Framework

Primary tabs

  • Maintain the base implementation of CoAP by providing bug-fixes, optimizations, and necessary documentation.
  • Continue implementing complementary specifications by the IETF CoRE and related working groups.
  • Maintain the included Web resource framework for M2M and Internet of Things applications.
  • Provide seamless integration with M2M projects for OMA Lightweight M2M and OneM2M such as OM2M.
  • Maintain the Scandium (Sc) Security for Californium with its DTLS implementation
  • Implement a security API that allows for authentication and authorization as defined by IETF, OMA, and OneM2M activities.
  • Maintain the Actinium (Ac) App-server for Californium with its server-side JavaScript support for lightweight M2M and Internet of Things applications.
  • Extend Android support.
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