Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure Maven Plugins 1.0.4

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Notable changes:
- Bug 409900 - jarsigner plugin signing service url should be configurable
- Bug 413339 - Signing plugins should allow overriding sign url
    It is now possible to override the signing url as follows:
    Method 1: via commandline
        eclipse-jarsigner-plugin: -Dcbi.jarsigner.signerUrl=http://localhost
    Method 2: via pom.xml
- Bug 406157 - Create Maven plugin for Windows signing service
- Bug 408068 - Create Maven plugin for Mac OSX signing service
    Please refer to the included README on how to configure these plugins.
- Bug 412308 - Add skip/dry-run parameter to eclipse-jarsigner-plugin
    To skip / dry-run with the jarsigner use one of these 2 methods:
    Method 1: via commandline
    Method 2: via pom.xml
- Bug 413343 - Add jarsigner support for signing maven plugins
Release Date: 
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Release Type: 
Minor release