Eclipse LSP4E 0.3.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
lsp4e (17)
General (17)
  • 508457 Asynchronous work and eye-candies rather than UI Freeze [closed/fixed]
  • 517905 document language ID should not be the file extension [resolved/fixed]
  • 518174 Build is failing [resolved/invalid]
  • 518209 language server doesn't get stopped the second time [resolved/fixed]
  • 518332 Document revert changes then close editor shuts down and then starts LS again [resolved/fixed]
  • 518819 don't stop language server immediately [resolved/fixed]
  • 520055 Marker resolution doesn't delegate to the server if it supports command execution [resolved/fixed]
  • 520700 TextEditors within FormEditors are not supported [resolved/fixed]
  • 520953 NPE with LSPCodeLensMenu with unresolved CodeLens [resolved/fixed]
  • 521020 HighlightReconciler doesn't work when server is not ready + highlight several times [resolved/fixed]
  • 521128 snippet support for completions doesn't work for lazily resolved completion items [resolved/fixed]
  • 521152 getMatchingStartedWrappers causes too many language servers to be restarted [resolved/fixed]
  • 521744 TimeoutException logged when starting Eclipse with already opened editors [resolved/fixed]
  • 521837 HighlightReconciler removes diagnostics annotation [resolved/fixed]
  • 521901 "Link with Editor" command controls only link in one direction [resolved/fixed]
  • 521903 ClassCastException during typing [resolved/fixed]
  • 522033 "Link with editor" option saves state for each file separately [resolved/fixed]