Eclipse LSP4E 0.6.0

Release Date

LSP4E 0.6.0 is compatible with Eclipse Platform 4.8 and isn't fully compatible with earlier versions.


This release enables internationalization via the typical NLS api that's recommended for Eclipse plugins.

Target Environments

Eclipse IDE with Eclipse Platform >= 4.8.


Debug Adapter Protocol

The release integrates the "Debug Adapters" as Launch Configurations and allows to interest with those with typical launch/debug operations.

Finer control for enablement

Extenders have now more fine-grained control on assocating a Language Server with a Content-Type and have ways to define additional conditions for LS to be used.

Logging messages

Developers of Language Servers or of LSP4E can now use the Preference page to enable some automated logging of messages sent between the Language Server and the IDE.


Support for CodeLens was added, relying on the new CodeMining feature of Eclipse Platform 4.8.
This release is part of Eclipse Photon