Eclipse Paho 1.1.0

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Release Date: 
Friday, January 30, 2015
  1. Updated (bug-fixed) version of the existing client libraries (Java, C, Python and JavaScript)
  2. A client library to allow .Net and Windows RT/Phone applications to use MQTT in a native form.
  3. Mobile device support - Android service to allow messages to be sent and received while the main application's activity is not active.
  4. Embedded device support - portable C/C++ client libraries for MQTT and MQTT-SN, called MQTTPacket and MQTTSNPacket.  These client libraries are the first level of a complete set of capabilities for microcontroller operating systems.  They differ from the standard Paho C API in that they are:
  • operating system independent (no use of system calls)
  • use no dynamic memory (for predictable, limited memory use)
  • network transport independent



Each of the MQTT components supports the MQTT v3.1.1 standard version of the protocol (  Some may also support the older 3.1 specification.

The MQTT-SN components implement version 1.2 of the MQTT-SN specification (


The client libraries have a limited number of messages for debug information (trace) and errors (exceptions), intended for application developers, not end users.  There are no current plans for internationalization.

Target Environments: 

New components:

.Net and WinRT, including Windows Phone


Microcontroller operating systems, such as mbed, Arduino.

Existing components:

Java - JDK 1.4.2 and above

C - Linux, Windows and Mac OS/X.  Can also be called from C++

JavaScript - standard web browsers.  Node.js is not supported.

Python - Python 2.7,  3 and above.