Eclipse SWTBot 2.4.0



Compatibility with Neon, big improvements in how menus are supported (even on e4 applications), support for new Control such as Canvas, bugfixes.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

By removing a dependency to the deprecated org.eclipse.equiniox.compability bundle, SWTBot is now compatible with Eclipse Neon.

A lot of work was done regarding menu detection, which has highly changed with the introduction of e4, causing some bugs in SWTBot for e4-based applications.

Security Issues


Non-Code Aspects

SWTBot now has a Oomph configuration for bootstrapping a dedicated IDE.

API baseline can be enabled with SWTBot. A target definition for the baseline is provided in the Git repository.

It is now tested against Mars and Neon milestones.

Usability Details

There has been no change regarding usability compared to the previous release.

End of Life

Nothing was end-of-life'd.


SWTBot implements no standard.


The community of user is stil difficult to measure. As SWTBot is a small and simple project, there is not much Q&A or comments from users about it. However, there are regular (a few per month) questions from users on SWTBot's forum or StackOverflow.

SWTBot doesn't really have "adopters" as it's meant to be a "business" component embedded in 3rd-party apps. It's also not meant to be extensible. The only adopter I'm aware of is Red Deer project, that uses the SWTBot Generator framework with some success.

However, SWTBot has a growing amount of contributors, with more and more diversity.. They provide good quality patches. Some of them were made committers as they show the necessary skills. A lot of collaboration between the various contributors happen on Gerrit reviews. A project co-lead was elected.

This release is part of Neon