Eclipse Tycho 1.2.0


  • Support for JUnit 5 is here! (bug 522475)
    • We ported junit-platform-surefire-provider to Tycho. As soon as a test bundle requires any of the org.junit.jupiter.api.* packages, the JUnit 5 surefire provider is used, no need for explicit configuration in the default case.
    • We added junit-vintage-engine so you can mix and match JUnit 5 and JUnit 4 tests in the same test bundle. This should ease gradual migration to JUnit 5
    • You can exclude or include test based on JUnit 5 tags, see the JUnit 5 example test bundle used by the integration tests or the JUnit5 How To

p2 and Dependency resolution

  • Move to Equinox p2 Photon RC1 ( bug 534916 )
    • This adds sha-256 signatures to p2 metadata for downloadable artifacts
    • Publish OSGi capabilites as p2 requires/provides and take them into account during dependency resolution.
    • The execution environment (EE) is now published as a requirement and taken into account during dependency resolution.
  • Default execution environment, used when no better source in the module is found to decide it, is now JavaSE-9.
  • Support for building bundles requiring JavaSE-10 has been added ( bug 532233 )
  • Installable Units representing the execution environment (e.g. a.jre.javase version 10.0.0 representing JavaSE-10) are now explicitly published in projects of packaging type eclipse-repository (as opposed to implicitly when publishing a product). The default execution environment published is JavaSE-10, but this is configurable.
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