Eclipse Wakaama

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Wakaama is not a library but files to be built with an application. It is written in C and designed to be portable on POSIX compliant systems.
Two compilation switches are used: LWM2M_CLIENT_MODE and LWM2M_SERVER_MODE. Defining LWM2M_CLIENT_MODE enables the LWM2M Client interfaces. Defining LWM2M_SERVER_MODE enables the LWM2M Server interfaces. Both can be defined at the same time.

Wakaama is mono-threaded. An application can call a HandlePacket API to feed Wakaama with received LWM2M packets and a Step API to perform any pending LWM2M operations.

Wakaama provides APIs for a server application to send commands to registered LWM2M Clients. On client applications, Wakaama checks received commands for syntax and access rights and then dispatches them to the relevant objects.