Eclipse Target Communication Framework 1.5.0

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017


  • TCF Core Java and Python bindings, and Docs (tagged as 1.5 in the org.eclipse.tcf git repository)
  • TCF C Agent, Lua example and Building Blocks (tagged as 1.5 in the org.eclipse.tcf.agent git repository)
  • org.eclipse.tcf.repo downloadable p2 repository, includes:
    • TCF C/C++ Debugger (Eclipse plug-ins and features)
    • TCF Target Explorer (Eclipse plug-ins and features)
    • CDT GDB Remote via TCF/TE Launcher (Eclipse plug-ins and features)
    • org.eclipse.remote file system provider for TCF targets (Eclipse plug-ins)

TCF API and Protocol will remain compatible:

  • TCF protocol must remain 100% compatible on the wire with TCF 1.4 (it's part of the TCF value proposition)
  • TCF Java API must remain 100% binary compatible with TCF 1.4 (we have clients coding against it)
  • TCF Python and C API should remain 100% compatible (we have clients but this is source compatibility so they can rebuild or use version checks)
  • All API Additions must be tagged with @since 1.5 comments.

TCF Eclipse Plug-ins are prepared for Internationaization using the standard methods of the Eclipse Platform. No explicit testing for internationalization has been performed though.

Target Environments: 
  • TCF 1.5 Hudson builds and tests run from Eclipse 3.8.2 up to Oxygen, on Java 7 and up.
  • Moving forward, support for Eclipse 3.8.2 will continue on a "best effort basis".
  • TCF has not yet been tested against Java 9 EARs.
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen.