Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 9.2.0

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CDT 9.2 is a small feature release that brings a couple of nice new feature to our users as well as bug fixes.  

The feature of most visibility is a tight integration between CDT and a command-line use of GDB (GNU Debugger). Users can now control GDB through its standard command-line interrface from within Eclipse (just as if they had started it from command shell), while CDT stays synchronized and provides the full-fledge IDE benefits.  This GDB console, as well as the legacy one (which is still used for older GDBs) have been moved to new view called "Debugger Console".

The new Core Build architecture is in place that links launch targets provided by the Launch Bar with build configurations automatically. Qt and CMake support are added based on this architecture joining the Arduino C++ support that was the proving ground for this architecture. The Qt feature is marked as Preview, the CMake feature as Experimental, while the Arduino C++ feature graduates from Preview to full GA.




Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Release Type: 
Minor release