Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 4.1.0 (Neon.1)

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
GEF (26)
GEF Common (2)
  • 496777 Allow adapter binding warnings to be disabled [resolved/fixed]
  • 499100 Scoped instances are not reused correctly because the scope is switched after instance creation. [resolved/fixed]
  • 477980 Add support for arrowType edge decorations [resolved/fixed]
GEF FX (5)
  • 496227 Memory leak relating to selection handles [resolved/fixed]
  • 497495 Performance optimization in AbstractInterpolator#arrangeDecoration() [resolved/fixed]
  • 497584 Ensure GeometryNode aligns its clickable area shape with its geometry shape. [resolved/fixed]
  • 497679 FXCanvasEx does not ensure that the UI is always updated while processing events. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498199 FXCanvasEx does not free all resources when being disposed. [resolved/fixed]
GEF Geometry (1)
  • 498061 Calculating intersection points of two ICurves takes too much time [resolved/fixed]
GEF Graph (1)
  • 495628 Graph.Builder does not construct nodes in the order the builders are added. [resolved/fixed]
GEF MVC (10)
  • 496423 Rotate cursor image is not deployed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 497224 IDomain.execute(ITransactionalOperation) should accept IProgressMonitor and pass it on. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498035 ContentPolicy should accept null argument in setAdaptable(). [resolved/fixed]
  • 498045 Disposing a ContentBehavior results in java.util.ConcurrentModificationException [resolved/fixed]
  • 498191 AbstractDomain needs to unregister operation history listener when being disposed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498251 AbstractFXView and AbstractFXEditor do not dispose their PropertySheetPages. [resolved/invalid]
  • 498277 FXViewer does not properly unregister listeners when being disposed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 499213 When an anchorage of a curve is removed in the MVC Logo Example, the connected end point is set to the origin instead of remaining at its previous location. [resolved/fixed]
  • 499669 Use AdapterKey.defaultRole() for the ContentBehavior bindings within MvcFxModule to prevent info and warning messages. [resolved/fixed]
  • 500205 Editing in one AbstractFXEditor changes dirty state in all other AbstractFXEditors [resolved/fixed]
GEF Zest (4)
  • 497062 Zest EdgePart should always apply the decoration CSS styles to its visuals decorations. [resolved/fixed]
  • 497848 EdgePart has to disable refresh-visuals during #bendContent(). [resolved/fixed]
  • 495968 ZestProperties should enable that providers are used throughout. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498287 Ensure label parts are only determined once within TranslateSelectedAndRelocateLabelsOnDragPolicy [resolved/fixed]
RelEng (2)
  • 496776 NEON target has wrong version for Eclipse SDK [resolved/fixed]
  • 498158 Add support for maven.javadoc.skip option to build infrastructure. [resolved/fixed]