Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 5.0.0 (Oxygen)

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This release targets these issues.
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= unsolved/reopened
GEF (108)
GEF Common (5)
  • 506330 Adaptable scopes need to be maintained transitively by AdapterInjector. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506816 AdaptableSupport and ActivatableSupport should be side-effect free. [resolved/fixed]
  • 507264 Simplify ActivatableSupport contract through lambdas [resolved/fixed]
  • 514014 ReadOnlySetWrapperEx does not override #getReadOnlyProperty(), therefore, listeners are not notified [resolved/fixed]
  • 516080 AdaptableScopes.leave(IAdaptable) should re-enter previous scopes. [resolved/fixed]
GEF DOT (10)
  • 491261 Merge DotImport and DotInterpreter into a single Xtend-based DotImport (comparable to DotExport) [resolved/fixed]
  • 498324 Improve the Dot Xtext editor content assistant support [resolved/fixed]
  • 506769 DOT Graph View - edge decorations rendering problem [resolved/fixed]
  • 507413 DotImport and DotExport should use value converters for escaping, quoting, unescaping, and unquoting of attribute values. [resolved/fixed]
  • 508579 Convert the DotExtractor to a top-level class. [resolved/fixed]
  • 508790 Register custom color lexer for content assist and highlighting [resolved/fixed]
  • 508736 Generate the class [resolved/fixed]
  • 511164 Support HTML comments in the Dot host grammar [resolved/fixed]
  • 511843 Add support for subgraphs.clusters to DotImport.DotExport [resolved/fixed]
  • 516187 DotAttributeProcessor needs to Xtend 2.7.3 compatible, even if target contains higher Xtend version. [resolved/fixed]
GEF FX (12)
  • 486664 Diagram is blurred after zooming in.out [reopened/unresolved]
  • 495469 FXCanvasEx should forward SWT KeyEvent.doit to JavaFX KeyEvent.consumed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 501329 Investigate replacing the GridCanvas with a JavaFX CSS alternative. [resolved/fixed]
  • 499676 Merge SWT2FXEventConverter into FXCanvasEx. [resolved/fixed]
  • 501056 Ensure FXCanvasEx is Java9-compatible [resolved/fixed]
  • 507367 InfiniteCanvas does not update its set of bounds and its scrollbars when the scroll offset is changed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 510946 FXCanvasEx causes serious rendering delays when its bounds are too big. [resolved/fixed]
  • 497076 Expose the Path that is used to render a GeometryNode so that it can be properly styled [resolved/fixed]
  • 503427 Remove abstract gestures from FX. [resolved/fixed]
  • 511601 FXCanvasEx needs to invert rotation angle. [resolved/fixed]
  • 511983 Ensure FXCanvasEx forwards "consumed" SWT keyboard events to JavaFX [resolved/fixed]
  • 517770 GeometryNode does not correctly render Pie and Arc [assigned/unresolved]
GEF Geometry (3)
  • 508437 IShape#toPath() does not properly close path for CurvedPolygon, Ellipse, Pie, RoundedRectangle [resolved/fixed]
  • 508439 The path returned by IMultiShape#toPath() contains its individual outlines, but does not close them. [resolved/fixed]
  • 516047 Add support for Bezier offset approximation [resolved/fixed]
GEF Graph (5)
  • 495830 Rename Node.getLocalIncomingEdges() and Node.getLocalOutgoingEdges() [resolved/fixed]
  • 497662 The GraphCopier should make node- and edge-mappings accessible after copying. [resolved/fixed]
  • 508822 Graph builds should accept setters for attributes (in addition to keys). [resolved/fixed]
  • 509077 Cannot reuse identfier elements when building a graph using Graph.Builder with identifiable nodes. [resolved/fixed]
  • 509078 The GraphCopier does not copy edges correctly when copying a graph that contains nested graphs. [resolved/fixed]
GEF Layout (2)
  • 515550 Infinite loop in SpaceTreeLayout [resolved/fixed]
  • 517646 RadialLayoutAlgorithm alters the layout bounds property. [resolved/fixed]
GEF MVC (52)
  • 440958 Optimize performance by centralizing behaviors to the root part. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498128 Remove unnecessary FXHoverBehavior#onRelease() method. [resolved/fixed]
  • 490185 Reveal interacted-with parts from the interaction policies. [resolved/fixed]
  • 495232 Incorrect anchor position within MVC logo example when using orthogonal routing [resolved/fixed]
  • 498150 Ensure UI tests are robust [resolved/fixed]
  • 499671 IllegalStateException due to feedback.handles when changing the routing style of a selected curve within the MVC Logo Example. [resolved/fixed]
  • 500974 AbstractBehavior should save the root part where feedback and handles are added so that it can be re-used when removing them. [resolved/fixed]
  • 500984 Split IFXOnTypePolicy into IFXOnKeyPressReleasePolicy and IFXOnTypePolicy. [resolved/fixed]
  • 500985 Unify naming of interaction callback methods. [resolved/fixed]
  • 501415 Allow precise positioning while snap-to-grid is enabled when a modifier is pressed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 493515 Move static FXBendConnectionPolicy.getCurrentBendPoints() to IBendableContentPart, so BendContentOperation can query it. [resolved/fixed]
  • 496248 Investigate merging MVC.MVC.FX and MVC.UI.MVC.FX.UI. [reopened/unresolved]
  • 496620 Within the Logo example, shapes are falsely offset when dragged and snap-to-grid is enabled. [resolved/fixed]
  • 503342 Remove ContentModel, use IViewer#contentsProperty() instead. [resolved/fixed]
  • 504480 Refactor ITransformableContentPart, IResizableContentPart, IBendableContentPart, and related policies. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506025 FXHoverBehavior breaks HoverBehavior contract [resolved/fixed]
  • 506158 Make public members within FXRootPart private. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506337 Only the ContentPartPool of the most recently switched to viewer is injected into the viewer's content parts' ContentBehavior. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506347 Specify ITargetPolicyResolver as a domain adapter. [resolved/fixed]
  • 493523 Enable transitive role-based adapter bindings. [resolved/fixed]
  • 498298 Ensure content parts cannot find a link to the viewer via feedback or handle parts. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506331 IContentPart, IFeedbackPart, and IHandlePart should be adapted to their viewer [resolved/fixed]
  • 507302 Undoing in an AbstractFXEditor does not update dirty state [resolved/fixed]
  • 509007 Make use of the same ContentPart implementations in ContentViewer and PaletteViewer [resolved/fixed]
  • 480959 Workbench UI "Select All" action should be handled by FXEditorActionBarContributor and FXEditor [resolved/fixed]
  • 482139 Implement scroll and zoom actions.contribution items and demonstrate them in the Zest Graph view, MVC Logo view, and DOT Graph view. [resolved/fixed]
  • 508987 Support creation and deletion of root content via CreationPolicy and DeletionPolicy. [resolved/fixed]
  • 509941 Deselecting a connection with orthogonal routing locks the Logo example [resolved/fixed]
  • 509944 The connection end point is not at the attached end shape after moving the two attached shapes when using orthogonal routing [resolved/fixed]
  • 510195 Selecting.dragging a connection with orthogonal routing may lock the Logo example [resolved/fixed]
  • 510296 Multi selection bounds are incorrectly considering bendable parts without free bend points. [resolved/fixed]
  • 510419 Provide #fitToSize() functionality in ViewportPolicy and use it in FitToViewportAction. [resolved/fixed]
  • 510421 The AbstractScrollAction should use ViewportPolicy to determine the operation to execute. [resolved/fixed]
  • 510422 Add #isContentRestricted():boolean to all viewport manipulating actions and contribution items. [resolved/fixed]
  • 499225 Transaction policies should provide a mechanism for disabling the local execution of operations. [resolved/wontfix]
  • 510415 Rename ITool to IGesture, separate IHandler (interaction policies) from IPolicy (transaction policy). [resolved/fixed]
  • 510429 Unlock FitToViewportLockAction when the zoom level or scroll offset is changed. [resolved/fixed]
  • 510711 SetPropertyValueOperation should be content-relevant per default and a setter, setContentRelevant(boolean), should be provided. [resolved/fixed]
  • 511974 IBendableContentPart#getVisualBendPoints() throws NPE when closing the "MVC Logo Example" view while curve and anchorage are selected. [resolved/fixed]
  • 512616 Remove ResizePolicy#getVisualToResize() because it is not respected by IResizableContentPart [resolved/fixed]
  • 512620 ResizePolicy should use Node#minWidth(double) and Node#minHeight(double) to determine the minimum size for the resized visual [resolved/fixed]
  • 512713 VisualChangeListener should defer bounds change notifications if the observed visual needs a layout pass [resolved/fixed]
  • 512714 ResizePolicy should respect the visual's content-bias as well as the visual's maxWidth() and maxHeight(). [resolved/fixed]
  • 512715 Differentiate "transient" hover from "intended" hover [resolved/fixed]
  • 513153 Connection visual is seldom redrawn when moving [resolved/fixed]
  • 516075 The current binding for IHandlerResolver within MvcFxModule is not correct. [resolved/fixed]
  • 501716 Implement alignment feedback and snapping functionality. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506738 Inject support objects (making the support classes adaptable-bound to the viewer where needed) [resolved/fixed]
  • 510258 Trying to delete a connection that is connected to the same part in both ends makes deletion impossible [resolved/fixed]
  • 517076 Connected state of start and end handles not updated when reconnecting in MVC logo example. [resolved/fixed]
  • 517075 BendConnectionPolicy should use operations that uses IBendableContentPart [resolved/fixed]
  • 517356 Replace IViewerDependent with IAdaptable.Bound<IViewer> [resolved/fixed]
GEF Zest (7)
  • 506386 Hover handles do not show in Zest Layout example. [resolved/fixed]
  • 495400 Prevent unintended nested graph layout bounds changes. [resolved/fixed]
  • 508960 Bring back arrows (target decorations) in the Zest Graph Example. [resolved/fixed]
  • 502142 Pass-in IProgressMonitor to ILayoutAlgorithm#applyLayout() [resolved/wontfix]
  • 514764 Upper Bound from [resolved/fixed]
  • 469469 Provide support for rendering of subgraphs.clusters. [resolved/fixed]
  • 517306 Edge labels are reset to their computed position when hovering.selecting an edge in the Zest Graph Example. [resolved/fixed]
Misc (9)
  • 495455 Migrate GEF repositories to GitHub (after Neon release) [resolved/fixed]
  • 495456 Drop Java 7 support (after Neon release) [resolved/fixed]
  • 498421 Adopt GEF4 to original GEF namespace (after Neon release). [resolved/fixed]
  • 498439 Migrate GEF4 documentation to GitHub wiki (as 5.x documentation) [resolved/fixed]
  • 498538 Migrate CONTRIBUTING file into file and merge with contributor guide, migrate adopters guide into [resolved/fixed]
  • 499468 Provide dedicated features for Cloudio and DOT end-user tools. [resolved/fixed]
  • 516149 Ensure compatibility to Guava 18 and 21. [resolved/fixed]
  • 482444 Ensure GEF4 Java9 compatibility [resolved/fixed]
  • 498537 Consider replacing.augmenting New and Noteworthy documents with [resolved/fixed]
RelEng (3)
  • 496124 Remove CursorUtils.forceCursorUpdate(Cursor) [resolved/fixed]
  • 511544 Ensure promotion jobs fail when downloading Eclipse fails. [resolved/fixed]
  • 519072 has incorrect location for Eclipse SDK [resolved/fixed]