Eclipse Trace Compass 3.1.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Tracecompass (15)
CTF (3)
  • 519400 Inconsistent use of timestamp in CTFTraceReader [resolved/fixed]
  • 519401 CTFTraceReader.goToLastEvent() does not work with single stream [resolved/fixed]
  • 520526 trace cannot be opened because of UUID mismatch [resolved/fixed]
Core (4)
  • 520267 Intermittent build failure: Race Condition on dependent analysis [resolved/fixed]
  • 521775 Counters UI has a race condition [resolved/fixed]
  • 521776 Counter UI has no API per-se [resolved/fixed]
  • 522184 Unable to consume Lucene index for TraceCompass Help in Oxygen.1 [resolved/fixed]
LTTng (3)
  • 460261 Traces with many threads causes tracecompass to slow down and views to no longer work [resolved/fixed]
  • 518533 crit path: Add the follow arrow action to the critical path view [resolved/fixed]
  • 518660 crit path: Select next.previous state change works more or less [resolved/fixed]
RCP (1)
  • 521074 Intermittent failure in ProjectExplorerRefreshTest [resolved/fixed]
TMF (4)
  • 499181 Control flow view items expansion state is not kept on trace swap [resolved/fixed]
  • 516599 tmf: Deadlock at startup [resolved/fixed]
  • 518081 Trace elements without trace type should not have children [resolved/fixed]
  • 518706 Inconsistent time range in time graph views [resolved/fixed]