Eclipse Trace Compass 3.3.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Tracecompass (40)
Core (6)
  • 525334 Flame graph does not aggregate correctly [resolved/fixed]
  • 525890 Filter message should be saved on a per-trace basis [resolved/fixed]
  • 528856 SubSecondTimeWithUnitFormat does not handle negative numbers [resolved/fixed]
  • 529921 Race condition in symbol provider [resolved/fixed]
  • 531417 Infinite loop in composite provider when one out of range [resolved/fixed]
  • 532024 callstack view cannot assign it's own dataprovider [resolved/fixed]
LTTng (6)
  • 530463 TimeRangeException in KernelMemoryUsageDataProvider [resolved/fixed]
  • 531224 States in the Resources View are the wrong color [resolved/fixed]
  • 531244 IllegalStateException in CallStackview [resolved/fixed]
  • 531299 StateSystemDisposedException should be ignored by data providers [resolved/fixed]
  • 531488 Control flow view: All swapper entries are identical [resolved/fixed]
  • 531947 Resources View: Thread Name does not change for consecutive threads in user mode [resolved/fixed]
State system (3)
  • 528347 State system does not handle negative timestamps [resolved/fixed]
  • 528841 SegmentStore: An existing on disk segment store is deleted upon closing [resolved/fixed]
  • 531243 xy chart title not reset when view is pinned and when trace is closed [resolved/fixed]
TMF (25)
  • 490811 Export images from all views in png format [resolved/fixed]
  • 491818 Make SWTBotUtils.deleteProject more robust [resolved/fixed]
  • 491821 Intermittent failure in CollapseEventsInTableTest.test (Control was not resized) [resolved/fixed]
  • 499133 The table in density views doesn't always have the correct order (SystemCallLatencyDensityViewTest.testWithTrace) [resolved/fixed]
  • 527739 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in CounterDataProvider [resolved/fixed]
  • 527931 TMF: Concurrent update of window range can cause zoom not done in TimeGraphViews (intermittent PinAncClone test failure) [resolved/fixed]
  • 528803 ClassCastException in CallStackView [resolved/fixed]
  • 528805 Too many XML files parsed unnecessarily [resolved/fixed]
  • 528917 Shadow project refresh handling deferred to UI thread [resolved/fixed]
  • 528919 deleting many traces takes too long [resolved/fixed]
  • 528921 Creating trace supplementary folders is not thread safe [resolved/fixed]
  • 529038 Opening same trace quickly creates duplicate instances [resolved/fixed]
  • 529117 UI deadlock in SelectTracesOperation [resolved/fixed]
  • 529758 Missed handling of resource change in TmfProjectRegistry [resolved/fixed]
  • 530006 project model element not refreshed when traces or experiment folder are created [resolved/fixed]
  • 530008 TmfProjectRegistry visits deltas from wrong project [resolved/fixed]
  • 531221 Experiment deep copy can abort prematurely [resolved/fixed]
  • 531289 NullPointerException in TmfXmlAnalysisOutputSource [resolved/fixed]
  • 531298 Experiments do not display correctly in TmfStateSystemExplorer [resolved/fixed]
  • 531492 Tree items get unchecked in treeXy views when zooming. [resolved/fixed]
  • 531500 Out of memory error on Flame Graph View [resolved/fixed]
  • 531661 Statistics not shown when TmfStatisticsModule is not automatic [resolved/fixed]
  • 531762 Tree viewers in treeXy views are slow when showing many entries [resolved/fixed]
  • 531766 NoSuchElementException in CpuUsageDataProvider [resolved/fixed]
  • 531861 Call Stack view leaks function map entries [resolved/fixed]