4DIAC in its current form has been started 2007 as open source project fostering the further development of IEC 61499 for its use in distributed IPMCS and further distribute research results from the original contributors. From the beginning it provided everything necessary to program and execute distributed IPMCS.

Thym abstracts the platform and its related tooling details from the developers, allowing them to work with HTML5 development tools. It includes a series of generators that are capable of generating native platform projects such as XCode or Android projects and compiling them. There are also launchers for testing applications on native emulators and devices.

The Lua Development Tools project provides a comprehensive IDE and tools for Lua developers.

RCP Testing Tool allows create and execute test cases for Eclipse-based applications with minimal effort. The minimal required configuration of applications under test is as simple as browsing for a folder for binary AUTs or choosing a PDE launch configuration for AUTs from sources. A typical workflow to create a test case which should work in most cases looks like this: capture an application state, record test actions, add assertions.

The fundamental architecture of the project consists out of three building blocks:

UML Generators Project provides components that automatically bridge the gap between UML models and source code. Either by extracting data from UML models (and UML profiles or decoration models) to produce source code or  by reverse-engineering source code to produce UML models.

Code generation uses Acceleo. It is incremental and can be extended thanks to its overriding system.