Enterprise JavaBeans is an architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications.

The Jakarta EE Connector Architecture defines a standard architecture for Jakarta EE application components to connect to Enterprise Information Systems.

Interceptors are used to interpose on business method invocations and specific events such as lifecycle events and timeout events that occur on instances of Jakarta EE components and other managed classes.

Eclipse GlassFish is a complete application server that implements the Jakarta EE specification. GlassFish includes implementations of all required and optional Jakarta EE APIs, and passes all Jakarta EE TCKs. GlassFish also includes a complete administration console, clustering support, and other developer and production focused tools and features.

This project contains stable (legacy) APIs, RIs and TCKs which won't be developed in future.

Eclipse Hawk is a heterogeneous model indexing framework: it indexes collections of models transparently and incrementally into a NoSQL database, which can be queried in a more efficient and convenient manner. You can mirror EMF, UML or Modelio models (among others) into a Neo4j or OrientDB graph, which you can query with their native languages, or (preferably) through the languages provided by Hawk. Hawk will watch over those models and update the graph whenever they change, in an incremental manner.

Eclipse SW360antenna is a tool to automate your open source license compliance processes as much as possible. In the end that is

  •  collecting all compliance relevant data,
  •  process that data and warn if there might be any license compliance related issues, and
  •  generating a set of compliance artifacts (source code bundle, disclosure document, report)

for your project.

The Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) is a Java programming language API for creating web services, particularly SOAP services. JAX-WS is one of the Java XML programming APIs. It is part of the Java EE platform.

The Java™ Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) provides an API and tools that automate the mapping between XML documents and Java objects.

Annotations for common semantic concepts in the J2SE and J2EE platforms that apply across a variety of individual technologies.