The JNoSQL is a several tools to make easy an integration between the Java Application with the NoSQL. To solve this problem the project have two layers:

Software embedded in cars, planes, or industrial robots (so-called "cyber-physical" systems) is very different than desktop or web applications: they intrinsically have tight interactions with the physical world and with humans. Consequently, bugs can have dramatic consequences and it is, therefore, essential for such software to be extremely reliable. At the same time, this software is in charge of many different functions, is generally distributed across the physical system, and has strong real-time constraints.

The project includes the necessary code to integrate any language server in the Eclipse IDE, interacting with the language server: it orchestrates the request to the language servers and presents the response in the usual IDE metaphors so users can manipulate them.
The default integration is to provide features into the Platform's Generic and Extensible editor, but some code may be used as API to let integration be done with other Eclipse-based editors.

Some examples of integration are:

The Eclipse MicroProfile project is aimed at optimizing Enterprise Java for the microservices architecture.

Many innovative "microservice" Enterprise Java environments already exist in the Java ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Wildfly Swarm
  • WebSphere Liberty
  • Payara
  • TomEE
  • ...

These projects are creating new features and capabilities to address microservice architectures -- leveraging both Java EE and non-Java EE technologies.

This project provides a Java API for JSON Binding; it is designed to provide a standard binding layer between Java classes and JSON documents.

The Eclipse Agail is a language-agnostic, modular software gateway framework for the Internet of Things with support for protocol interoperability, device and data management, IoT apps execution, and external Cloud communication.

Keti is a service that was designed to protect RESTfuls API using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).

LaTeX is a typesetting system that is widely used by the science community for document preparation and publications. The TeXlipse project provides an Eclipse extension to support LaTex projects, so that document preparation can be incorporated into the normal Eclipse development activities. General LaTeX users will also find the advanced editing and automatic document generation features of TeXclipse provide a compelling alternative to other LaTeX environments. TeXclipse supports the following features:

The Eclipse JDT Language Server is a Java language specific implementation of the language server protocol. It implements the language server protocol and may implement extensions when it is deemed necessary. It also provides project translation from build systems such as Maven --through the use of M2E project-- to JDT project structure.

Eclipse sim@openPASS provides a software platform that enables the simulation of traffic situations to predict the real-world effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving functions.