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Thursday, April 25, 2024 - 04:50 by Chulhee Lee
This proposal is in the Project Proposal Phase (as defined in the Eclipse Development Process) and is written to declare its intent and scope. We solicit additional participation and input from the community. Please login and add your feedback in the comments section.
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The automotive industry is rapidly transforming into platform-based mobility services industry, thanks to the convergence of high-speed connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification, big data driven services, end-to-end customer experience and artificial intelligence. In line with these changes, there is a paradigm shift in the vehicle EE architecture in the form of zonal architecture that helps transitioning the hardware-centric vehicle functions into software-driven vehicle features and services. These vehicles are called software defined vehicles (SDV) that enable frequent software updates for the entire life cycle of the vehicles to make the cars perform better and add new features every day. SDV requires a software architecture that supports the development of scalable, reusable, updatable software components. The most suitable architecture for this purpose is the Micro services architecture which extends the cloud native environment to the vehicle. However, one of the major challenges in realizing end-to-end cloud native environment in the vehicle is the orchestration of resources, operations, and continuous updates of the vehicle service scenarios and policies under the constrains such as criticality, environment, and resources. To address this challenge, we started a project to develop a unique orchestrator called Eclipse PICCOLO that supports efficient orchestration of vehicle services and policies.


Eclipse PICCOLO provides a service orchestrator framework for in-vehicle services and applications.

The Eclipse PICCOLO project includes several key features within its scope, such as supporting APIs for the state transition of vehicle services, ensuring compatibility for workload manifests between cloud environments (K8S) and vehicles (Bluechi & SOAFEE specifications), and enabling and managing predefined scenarios and policies.

The Eclipse PICCOLO project does not cover several features, including implementations for basic controlling services like launch, stop, create, or delete, deployment or retrieval of workloads from a cloud registry, management of non-containerized services, and functional areas supported by general container runtime and systemd.

Why Here?

The Eclipse PICCOLO project provides great synergy with the other projects such as bluechi, symphony, etc. that are reflected in the Eclipse SDV blueprints. Eclipse PICCOLO's contribution focuses on providing the technology for service management in the user space and thus completing the SDV realization scope built by those projects. To realize the full potential of Eclipse PICCOLO, we need certain external infrastructure elements such as management and supervision functions for various entities such as vehicles, environment, connected devices, specific solutions platforms and technical specifications which are well addressed by the scope of the other eclipse projects. We believe our project would provide significant contribution to the SDV community with the strong cooperation from the developers of various fields necessary for achieving the project goals.

Project Scheduling

We are considering the initial contribution target schedule to be in mid or late May, and we are preparing to make the build possible at that time.

Future Work

In the future, Eclipse PICCOLO will sequentially update the basic scenarios provided by Eclipse PICCOLO. For example, updates on workload, rollback, new execution, service location movement, and dual execution, etc. Also, a function that can be managed to run with Realtime Scheduled Priority on RT Linux base will be added. Within the community, we plan to collaborate with bluechi / symphony to set up a complete pipeline from development to deployment and test it. Also, we expect to collaborate actively with other projects within Eclipse SDV by configuring to receive vehicle data transmitted through protocols other than DDS in the future.


The main goal of Eclipse PICCOLO project is to develop an efficient vehicle service orchestrator framework to realize the potential benefits of cloud native technologies for in-vehicle services and applications. In this direction, Eclipse PICCOLO shall ensure the activation of pre-defined use case scenarios or policies in a well-organized and streamlined fashion depending upon the various contexts of vehicle status, environment, connected devices and service requirements. Eclipse PICCOLO shall enable the deployment of vehicle scenarios and policies in short development cycle by reducing the development lead time. In addition, it provides necessary management framework for the deployment of micro services as per the requirements of vehicle applications and thus saving the integration costs, time, and efforts.

Project Leads
Interested Parties

LG Electornics, Symphony(Microsoft), Bluechi(Redhat)

Initial Contribution

The current Eclipse PICCOLO project is designed to operate in conjunction with Bluechi. It manages the lifecycle of basic services through Bluechi. It is primarily written in Rust and C++, and each module is packaged into a container. Internal communication uses gRPC, and vehicle data reception supports Cyclone DDS. It uses etcd as an internal state store.

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