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EMF Query2

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The Query2 component facilitates the process of search and retrieval of emf model elements in a structured format with an additional advantage that resource loading is minimized during execution.

Query2 uses an in-built index mechanism to speed up the queries. The indexes are build before query execution and used during query execution. The indexes can be re-used by multiple query executions. For majority of queries, the resources are not needed to be loaded, and hence it provide incredible improvements in terms of memory consumption.

Query2 supports multiple ways to specify queries.

  1. User can use APIs for the basic EObject based Condition objects that are used to formulate queries for EMF models.
  2. User can specify queries in SQL like syntax. e.g from Manuscript as a select a.pages where a.title = "Learning Query2"


Latest Releases: 

From June 27th, 2012 to June 27th, 2012