Eclipse Bundle Recipes

The EBR project provides a library of templates that can be used to create bundles for open source projects. The Eclipse Virgo Bundlor tool converts a Jar to a bundle driven by a given template. Each template guides the addition of OSGi manifest headers in order for the Jar to work correctly as an OSGi bundle.

The project satisfies a broad set of bundle requirements by hosting only templates (not the original Jar or resulting bundle), thus allowing it to address a wide variety of open source projects, including those using licenses which are unacceptable to the Eclipse Foundation.

In taking this template approach it is important that the bundle generation be a repeatable process and so enhancements to Bundlor and the templates it can consume will ensure the correct Jar is used.

Contributions to the project, including templates, may be made using the regular Eclipse processes including attaching a patch to Eclipse bugzilla or issuing a pull request on github.

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