Hudson 3.1.0

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Release Date: 
Friday, September 13, 2013

Key New features proposed for 3.1.0 are:


  • Multi-tenancy/Team Concept for Hudson
  • Performance and Memory Consumption

The first of these - Team concept, is hugely important for many large organizations that wish to maintian a single Hudson infrastructure and yet sub-divide access control and job maintance for different teams.  this is also very important for Cloud Infrastruct vendors that use Hudson as a backbone for provisioning or build services.   Documentation on this new feature can be found on the Team Concept Wiki Page

This release also focused on anothert key enterprise feature with  a large amount of deep architectural work aimed at reducing the overall memory footprint of Hudson as it manages large sets of Jobs and multiple builds. Significant gains of up to a 75% reduction in memeory footprint for a given workload have been generated from this work. Read more in the Memory Performance Wiki Page.


Hudson 3.1 should be fully compatible with earlier versions with no explicit migration or metadata changes required for migration from Hudson 3.0. Admins can simply back up their configuration and drop in the new WAR file. 

Hudson Plugins (non Eclipse code) may benefit from being tuned with this release to ensure that the plug-in does not inadvertantly undo much of the good work that has been done in Core to reduce memory consumption. Guidelines will be created for Plug-in authors to help with this.  However, such changes are not mandatory for plug-ins.


Hudson is provided in a variety of languages and supports community translation through the Translation Assistance Plug-in which is provided as a recommended plug-in at install time.

Target Environments: 

Hudson will be delivered on top of Jetty as per normal. As at the moment we aim to support the use of Hudson with any modern JEE container.

There are no particular O/S limitations as long as the enviroment can run a modern Java Enterprise Edition Server such as WebLogic, GlassFish or JBoss.

M12013/06/03Feature Complete Drop for 3.1. Available for testing by locally building from source
RC12013/08/06Release candidate drop for Hudson 3.1.0. Available for upgrade testing and new feature testing. This testing release will be published and linked from the websites
RC22013/08/30Second release candidate for 3.1.0 to allow those who raised Team Concept issues on 3.1.0RC1 to test out the fixes in an integrated build. No new features added over RC1 This testing release will be published and linked from the websites
Hudson 3.1.0 RTM2013/09/13Proposed RTM date for 3.1.0
Enterprise Support
Features for Hudson which make it suitable for large enterprise CI and CD systems as well and small and medium sized setups.
Features relating to performance and scalability of Hudson with a focus on memory usage
Ongoing improvements to the Hudson UI and Look and Feel generally
Bug Fixes
Ongoing fixes to the existing bug backlog