Eclipse Hudson 3.1.0

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Release Date: 
Friday, September 13, 2013

Key New features proposed for 3.1.0 are:


  • Multi-tenancy/Team Concept for Hudson
  • Performance and Memory Consumption

The first of these - Team concept, is hugely important for many large organizations that wish to maintian a single Hudson infrastructure and yet sub-divide access control and job maintance for different teams.  this is also very important for Cloud Infrastruct vendors that use Hudson as a backbone for provisioning or build services.   Documentation on this new feature can be found on the Team Concept Wiki Page

This release also focused on anothert key enterprise feature with  a large amount of deep architectural work aimed at reducing the overall memory footprint of Hudson as it manages large sets of Jobs and multiple builds. Significant gains of up to a 75% reduction in memeory footprint for a given workload have been generated from this work. Read more in the Memory Performance Wiki Page.


Hudson 3.1 should be fully compatible with earlier versions with no explicit migration or metadata changes required for migration from Hudson 3.0. Admins can simply back up their configuration and drop in the new WAR file. 

Hudson Plugins (non Eclipse code) may benefit from being tuned with this release to ensure that the plug-in does not inadvertantly undo much of the good work that has been done in Core to reduce memory consumption. Guidelines will be created for Plug-in authors to help with this.  However, such changes are not mandatory for plug-ins.


Hudson is provided in a variety of languages and supports community translation through the Translation Assistance Plug-in which is provided as a recommended plug-in at install time.

Target Environments: 

Hudson will be delivered on top of Jetty as per normal. As at the moment we aim to support the use of Hudson with any modern JEE container.

There are no particular O/S limitations as long as the enviroment can run a modern Java Enterprise Edition Server such as WebLogic, GlassFish or JBoss.

M12013/06/03Feature Complete Drop for 3.1. Available for testing by locally building from source
RC12013/08/06Release candidate drop for Hudson 3.1.0. Available for upgrade testing and new feature testing. This testing release will be published and linked from the websites
RC22013/08/30Second release candidate for 3.1.0 to allow those who raised Team Concept issues on 3.1.0RC1 to test out the fixes in an integrated build. No new features added over RC1 This testing release will be published and linked from the websites
Hudson 3.1.0 RTM2013/09/13Proposed RTM date for 3.1.0
Enterprise Support
Features for Hudson which make it suitable for large enterprise CI and CD systems as well and small and medium sized setups.
Features relating to performance and scalability of Hudson with a focus on memory usage
Ongoing improvements to the Hudson UI and Look and Feel generally
Bug Fixes
Ongoing fixes to the existing bug backlog
  • Hudson should write a partial build.xml so jobs interrupted by a restart are visible. [383280] (target milestone:  ---)
  • .api.schema URL on Hudson returns NoClassDefFoundError [402338] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Upgrade guava to 12.0 or 13.0.1 [404822] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson with many jobs takes very long time to start [384554] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Group administration user interface [375475] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Maven 3.0.4 is not supported [376917] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Per job rename.delete permission [387431] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Allow jobs to be grouped hierarchically [392254] (target milestone:  ---)
  • LDAP group query cannot be overridden [400722] (target milestone:  ---)
  • JNA Native Support Plugin breaks slave jobs [400981] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Bundled releases should behave like ordinary releases by default [404101] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson slaves execute native commands via Ant instead of JNA [405680] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Jobs can not complete successfully on slave with: FATAL: Unable to serialize hudson.Launcher$RemoteLauncher$KillTask [405756] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: While migrating handle all existing job as Global jobs and read only [407133] (target milestone:  ---)
  • When Hudson run in JDK 7 plugins won't build in it [409881] (target milestone:  ---)
  • 3.0.1 parent still uses maven-hpi-plugin:3.0.1 [411537] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Performance: Hudson fails to load Legacy maven jobs with sub modules [414176] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Installing JNLP Slave as windows service fails [382490] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Redirect Embedded Security WIKI link in help to Eclipse [366134] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Deleting a team with jobs does not make the jobs public [411710] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: If a user is admin in two or more teams he only can manage one team in his manage team view [412720] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Jobs can be moved into a team more than once [413085] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Provide a way to find the teams that a member belongs to [413367] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: CLI: Copy job to a new team fails with NPE [414603] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Can't delete job [414846] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Build Name and Description Not Shown in Build History [415001] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Mixed case user names do not work correctly with teams [415087] (target milestone:  ---)
  • create-job CLI command with no parameters throws NPE [415103] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept.CLI: Team name is not validated when creating team using CLI command create-team [415173] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: CLI: create-job throws NPE [415242] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: CLI: create-job fails when trying to create a job in a team when the job name matches the name of a public job [415270] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Deleting team with a job whose unqualified name is same as public job throws IllegalArgumentException [415357] (target milestone:  ---)
  • CLI: update-job throws exception when run without any parameters [415386] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: CLI: create-job.copy-job should not allow period names [415387] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Typo on Manage Hudson page, "Configure Authentication and Authorization *Stretegy* ..." [407926] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Add support for Multi-tenancy.Team Concept in Hudson [406601] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Build job names should be unique within a Team only. [407132] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team: Cannot add jobs to a view.cannot view job details for jobs in a view [409430] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Clicking on Move Jobs button fails in IE 8 & IE 9 [410381] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Move job fails on Windows [410382] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Error message cannot be viewed without scrolling when move jobs fails [410383] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: LDAP roles.groups: LDAP user who is part of a role which is added to a team is unable to see team jobs [410540] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Renaming a job associated with a team makes the job visible only to sysadmin user [410631] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Migrating server from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0 fails with NPE [410845] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Shared job: Cannot copy from team job.cannot copy from a shared job [410851] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Manage teams UI on Windows 7 is incorrect [410854] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Team job details are not accessible when switching from team authorization to no authorization [410855] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Mange teams page UI design changes [411707] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Manage Teams: Job status icon is not displayed for team jobs [412237] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Error message when adding a team name cannot be viewed without scrolling [412242] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: New team: Previous details including error message are displayed [412243] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Cannot build job from command line [412695] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Hudson local database: Cannot login from the command line [412696] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Jobs dont show up in view for sysadmin [412722] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Add New Team dialog is not scaled correctly and has scrollbars [413015] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Server fails to start with NPE after moving a parent job to a new team [413184] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Team jobs are public by default [413185] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Member of multiple teams: Job permissions can conflict [413274] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Sidebar in Job page is not updated when Build Now clicked [413554] (target milestone:  ---)
  • CLI update-job replaces config.xml with garbage before trying to load it; Hudson fails on restart [417231] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson security to provide read only mode [375469] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Team user with job permission cannot configure a job. [413013] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Test trend chart not displaying on dashboard [394827] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Cannot pass job parameters into Matrix Combination filter [411385] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Add the ability to disable "Override global credentials" and default to NO in enterCredential page [412721] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Windows slaves do not disconnect and reconnect properly [368259] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team Concept: Security realm should default to Hudson's own database if no selection is made [415184] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Provide visual feedback of cascaded configuration [390898] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Make individual configuration properties overrideable [390899] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Support overriding a property to the same value as the parent's property [390902] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Test Result Trend are sometimes disappearing [399048] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Multi-configuration test results do not show up in grid [414873] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Maven Plugin 3.0.1 with E-mail Notification NPE [415481] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Git "Clean after checkout" does not clean folders [415482] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson causes file contents SVN checkouts to become duplicated [417954] (target milestone:  ---)
  • copy artifacts from another project fails if the project from which to copy is running [394709] (target milestone:  ---)
  • email-ext plugin issue with Hudson 3.1.1-Snapshot where variables do not pick up the context root [420334] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Aborted and disabled projects are represented by the same gray circle [401690] (target milestone:  ---)
  • release icon missing on build history [422262] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Can't delete job copied from cascading parent [390862] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Add ability to copy teams [414867] (target milestone:  ---)
  • REST: Creating job with REST by team member creates a team job without the team qualifier in the job name [418718] (target milestone:  ---)
  • tag in description breaks page formatting [418969] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson log no longer shows build completed status or build aborted messages [419775] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Too long job name throws exception [420426] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Length of job name is not checked when renaming a job [420532] (target milestone:  ---)
  • CLI: Job name length is not validated [420534] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Exception with External job . Team management [420625] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team names should allow _ and - characters [420686] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Cannot rename a public job [422279] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Live lock in [422613] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Hudson disk-plugin is half-broken (does not display the size in job page) after upgrade to 3.1.0 [418645] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Promoted builds plugin does not show badges [420832] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Support cascading of all or most job configuration options [390895] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Revert button not displayed on overridden JDK property [390900] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Problem with saving project changes with cascading feature [399069] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Test Result trend graph is completely blue, doesn't display failed tests [402679] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Non overridden job properties or properties with no values should not be written to config.xml [406889] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Editing a multi-configuration job adds additional labels to configuration [407684] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Inherited Trigger settings don't cascade when changed, require Hudson restart [410242] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Multi-configuration child jobs tied to particular slaves do not show up in "Jobs tied to " list [414463] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Renaming a cascading parent job does not update references in the children [414953] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Error while starting client on HP-UX B 11.31 (ia64) OS: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jnidispatch ( not found in resource path at com.sun.jna.Native.loadNativeLibraryFromJar( [418652] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Join plugin causes exception [420335] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Allow parent to be deleted when all cascading children are deleted [421272] (target milestone:  ---)
  • XML API picks team at random for non sys admin jobs [421671] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Team concept not supported in XML APIs [421672] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Inherited build parameter is reverted to original value after restart [422041] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Performance problem with hasCyclicCascadingLink() and LDAP security [422275] (target milestone:  ---)
  • wiki says environment variable is executable-war [417760] (target milestone:  ---)
  • NullPointer exception when running matrix job with file parameter [378810] (target milestone:  ---)
  • Matrix jobs don't support concurrent execution [396275] (target milestone:  ---)