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Project Members: 

Project Lead

  • wjongman's picture
    Wim Jongman


  • amahran's picture
    Ahmed Mahran
  • azerr's picture
    Angelo ZERR
  • cbrun's picture
    Cedric Brun
  • dorme's picture
    Dave Orme
  • dfauth's picture
    Dirk Fauth
  • ddunne's picture
    Donald Dunne
  • evolanaki's picture
    Elias Volanakis
  • ecrumhorn's picture
    Emil Crumhorn
  • htraetteb's picture
    Hallvard Traetteberg
  • jdowdall's picture
    Jeremy Dowdall
  • lcaron's picture
    Laurent CARON
  • mjones's picture
    Marty Jones
  • mistria's picture
    Mickael Istria
  • mpaturzo's picture
    Mirko Paturzo
  • rnicolas's picture
    Nicolas Richeton
  • pcentgraf's picture
    Peter Centgraf
  • tschindl's picture
    Thomas Schindl
  • wjongman's picture
    Wim Jongman
  • xichen's picture
    Xihui Chen
  • xchen2's picture
    Xihui Chen

Historical Committers

  • afinkbein's picture
    Andrew Finkbeiner
  • cgross's picture
    Chris Gross
  • ewuillai's picture
    Eric Wuillai
  • fheidric's picture
    Felipe Heidrich
  • ggayed's picture
    Grant Gayed
  • irbull's picture
    Ian Bull
  • ifishbein's picture
    Ira Fishbein
  • jphillips's picture
    Jeff Phillips
  • lmilewski's picture
    Lukasz Milewski
  • mhall's picture
    Matthew Hall
  • ppetrochenk's picture
    Pavel Petrochenko
  • steve's picture
    Steve Northover
  • veronika's picture
    Veronika Irvine
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Member companies supporting this project over the last three months.
Commit Activity: 
Commits on this project (last 12 months).
Individual Commit Activity: 
Commits on this project by individuals over the last three months.
Organization Commit Activity: 
Commits on this project by supporting organization over the last three months.