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Trace Compass is a Java tool for viewing and analyzing logs or traces of any type. Its goal is to provide views, graphs, metrics, etc. to help extract useful information from traces, in a way that is more user-friendly and informative than huge text dumps.




  • Can be integrated into Eclipse IDE or used as a standalone application (RCP). Eclipse plug-ins facilitates the addition of new analyses and views.
  • Provides an extensible framework written in Java that exposes a generic interface for integration of logs or trace data input, analyses and views.
  • Custom text or XML parsers can be added directly from the graphical interface by the user.
  • Supports live log and trace reading and monitoring.
  • Designed to be scalable: can handle traces that exceed available memory.
  • Remote tracer configuration and control with built-in support for LTTng traces.
  • Traces taken from different clocks can be correlated though event relationships.
  • Configurable, data-driven analyses and views.
  • It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Built-in Trace Format Support

Trace Compass currently supports many trace formats natively (no third-party libraries needed), such as:

  • Common Trace Format (CTF), including but not limited to:
    • Linux LTTng kernel traces
    • Linux LTTng-UST userspace traces
    • Linux Perf traces (using the out-of-tree patchset to convert to CTF)
    • Bare metal traces
  • Hardware traces (e.g. IEEE Nexus 5001 CTF conversion). See also this link.
  • GDB traces for debugging
  • The Best Trace Format (BTF) for OSEK
  • The libpcap (PAcket CAPture) format, for network traces
  • Custom text or XML parsers that can be added right from the graphical interface by the user
  • Can be extended to support various proprietary log or trace files.

Built-In Analyses and Views

  • Memory and Processor usage
  • Control flow
  • Hardware and software resource allocation
  • Histogram
  • Call Stack
  • Network Streams
  • Detailed Events List
  • Trace Statistics
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