Eclipse Equinox Move from RT to Eclipse TLP

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Eclipse Equinox Project will move from the top-level RT project to the top-level Eclipse project. 

Over the years Equinox has become a stable project.  The last major code effort was in the Luna release when the Equinox framework was refactored to use the OSGi generic capability and requirements model along with the OSGi Resolver service.  Over the past few years the list of active committers has dropped to just a handful.  We did add two additional committers this past year, but even the voting turnout from existing committers was pretty low.

Many years ago the Equinox project was spun out of the Eclipse top-level project to its own project under the top-level RT project.  The Eclipse project continued to heavily depend on Equinox for its runtime and the two projects are still very closely tied together with respect to planning and release engineering for the overall releases produced each year.  It has become apparent to me that separating Equinox out from under the top-level Eclipse project is not serving in the continued best interests of Equinox nor the Eclipse project as a whole.  As Equinox committers, we deal more closely with the Eclipse PMC in planning our release than we do the RT PMC.  It is more representative of the work done in Equinox to be placed back under the Eclipse project PMC. 

This will not change much in the way of how we develop and release Equinox today since much of that is already influenced by the Eclipse Project release engineering team. 

List of committers IDs moving:

  • tjwatson
  • prapicau
  • akurtakov
  • athondapu
  • hargrave
  • mkeller
  • rauge
  • slakkimsetti
  • sxenos

All other committers from Equinox should be moved to historical commmitters.
The following git repositories need to move:

The following git repositories will be archived:

Bugzilla: The complete Equinox Bugzilla product will move from RT to Eclipse Classification.

Newsgroups: no change.

Mailing lists: no change.

This has been approved by the PMC approval from the RT PMC. PMC approval and discussion from the Eclipse PMC in the August 1, 2017 meeting minutes and also see Dani's message on RT-PMC.