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Eclipse score

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score is a generic engine that is able to execute workflows. A workflow has a logical structure that resembles a flow-chart.

Workflows contains both logical operations and actions. A workflow must be compiled using one of the available orchestration languages before use.

A compiled workflow is known as content and can take several forms such as jar files or a binary object stored in a database.


The fundamental architecture of the project consists of:

  • Worker - The unit that actually executes the steps from the execution plan. Execution logic is optimized for high throughput and is horizontally scalable.
  • Orchestrator - A queue-based work distribution mechanism. Highly available and horizontally scalable.
  • Persistency for cluster management - Allowing a cluster of orchestrator and worker nodes. Optional for simple single-node deployments.
  • Compiler - Compiles a given flow format into an execution plan that can be executed by the workers. The introduction of a new flow formatting language is achieved by hooking the right compiler. Currently, we have an AFL OOTB compiler implemented.
  • Remote worker - A worker with remote communication abilities. Can be used to execute work across firewalls.


Note that score deployment has two flavours:

  • Simple flavour - Consists of a single-node deployment of orchestrator and worker in the same runtime container. No external DB is required.
  • Distributed flavour - A highly available and scalable deployment that requires an external DB schema and a servlet container for hosting the orchestrator node(s).