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Eclipse score

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score is a generic workflow engine based on Java. It supports multiple common orchestration languages. The following are within the projects scope:


  • A scalable core engine that can run execution plans. May be created either with code or by provided compilers.
  • Provide compilers that can convert a given workflow description format (including XML/JSON) to an execution plan that the engine can execute.
  • Provide example AFL (Advanced Flow Language) content. These are workflows that are compiled using the AFL orchestration language.
  • Provide Out-of-the-box (OOTB) content that can be run in the engine. This includes common actions written in Java; score's native language.
  • Support multiple common orchestration languages. AFL is already included while a BPMN compiler is in the projects roadmap.
  • Provide a standard compiler interface that orchestration languages will use.
  • To encourage the adoption of the engine, score provides comprehensive documentation and code samples using the engine to showcase its versatility.

Content management and visual history reporting capabilities are out of scope.

Creation Review2014-11-05