Eclipse Temurin Compliance


The scope of the Eclipse Temurin Compliance project is to:

  • Provide and manage restricted access to the Oracle Java SE Compatility Kit (JCK) materials.

  • Run the JCK as and when directed to do so by the Adoptium project, and report back on pass/fail status of a binary.

  • Operate minimum sufficient private infrastructure to support the efficient running of the JCK in an Eclipse-controlled environment.

  • Interact with Oracle to determine any JCK clarifications, challenges, or exceptions.

  • Keep adequate records of the JCK access and runs to allow auditing by the project, Eclipse Management Organization (EMO), or external groups who need to know.

  • The project will not be making contributions to the JCK test suite itself.


Note that the agreement that governs the access and use of the JCK is between Oracle and the Eclipse Foundation directly.  The interpretation and management of the agreement on behalf of the project lays with the Eclipse Foundation.

Name Date
Name Date
Creation Review 2021-06-02