Election for Wen Zhou as Committer on Eclipse Temurin®

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Wen Zhou (zdtsw on github) recently started as a full-time employee contributing to the Eclipse Temurin™ team and has already made an impact on the project including working as part of the Temurin Compliance team for the last quarterly release.

She has addressed the following bugs:
- temurin-build 2890: Dragonwell version detection is incorrect
- infrastructure 2556: Remove Windows Server 2016 GitHub action
- ci-jenkins-pipeline: investigate nightly build slack html points to old build

She has also been involved in the following tasks as well as being a regular contributor to discussions in the Adoptium slack channels.
- ci-jenkins-pipelines 285: Mermaid diagrams of the build process
- infra 2535: alpine/aarch64 docker image
- infra 2528: GH actions checks for DockerStatic test containers
- infra 2528: Ubuntu22.04 static docker container produced for testing
- ci-jenkins-pipeline: update build matrix script for Alpine/aarch64
- Several PRs created in the installer repository.
- Multiple pieces of work related to improving our SBOM production in the build pipelines

For these reasons and the long-term outlook for their involvement on the team, it is my pleasure to nominate Wen as a committer on Eclipse Temurin™.

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This election has been approved by the PMC.
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Stewart Addison +1 +1 implied by nomination
Andrew Leonard +1
Tim Ellison +1
Martijn Verburg +1
George Adams +1
Severin Gehwolf +1
Shelley Lambert +1
John Oliver +1

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  • George Adams (+1) Welcome!