Eclipse Austen


Eclipse Austen provides a Java implementation of the AsciiDoc Language Specification.

A pure Java implementation could provide smaller binaries and faster startup times. Access to a detailed abstract syntax tree (AST) of a parsed document and source-maps for generated documents are enabling features for improving editors and IDEs, including auto-completion and syntax checking.

This implementation will not provide any additional features to the AsciiDoc Language that are not part of the AsciiDoc Language Specification. However, it will implement the Extension API and provide hooks for users to write extensions using the extension points named by the specification.

The architecture of this implementation will be documented in order to be easier to understand and maintain by developers of this implementation. This implementation will serve as a reference for developers in other languages. Documented design decisions will offer implementations in other languages a head start. 

It aims to be a library with minimal dependencies. This lets it run in environments such as GraalVM and OSGi.

This implementation will be compatible with at least the following runtime environments:

  • OpenJDK 8 / 11

  • GraalVM

  • OSGi / p2

Name Date
Name Date
Creation Review 2021-04-21