Eclipse Winery


Winery is a Web-based environment to graphically model TOSCA topologies and plans managing these topologies. The environment includes a type and template management component to offer creation and modification of all elements defined in the TOSCA specification. All information is stored in a repository, which allows importing and exporting using the TOSCA packaging format.

Winery allows uploading arbitrary workflows to be included in the service template, because TOSCA does not require a concrete plan language. Additionally, Winery offers a BPMN modeler as BPMN 2.0 can be regarded as the de-facto standard for graphical business process modeling. The plan modeling component is tightly integrated with the topology modeler to ease modeling by, for instance, offering a direct reference to management operations of a node template in the topology. This tight integration is enabled by using BPMN4TOSCA, which adds TOSCA-specific tasks and data objects to BPMN.

The intention is to cover TOSCA v1.0 and all upcoming versions completely in a vendor neutral way.

Out of Scope:

Winery offers extension points to include other web-based plan modelers. Besides the BPMN4TOSCA plan modeler, the development of other web-based plan modeling tools is out of scope.

Besides other languages, BPMN and BPEL may be used to describe executable processes. Therefore, BPMN4TOSCA should be to be converted to plain BPMN and to plain BPEL. The conversion of BPMN4TOSCA to plain BPMN is in scope of this project. A conversion of BPMN processes to BPEL processes is not in the scope of this project. This part might be pursued under the hood of the Mangrove or BPEL project.

Name Date
Name Date
2025.03 Progress Review 2025-03-14
2024.02 Progress Review 2024-02-16