Eclipse AAS Model for Java

Eclipse AAS Model for Java implements the specification of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) such as metamodels, submodels, serialization and deserialization modules, validators, and transformation libraries based on the AAS specifications. It also contains all classes and properties as defined by the document 'Details of the Asset Administration Shell' published on 

The Eclipse AAS Model for Java projects are focusing on the following features / functionalities:

  • AAS Java Generator: The Java Generator automatically updates AAS Java Model classes and interfaces upon change in the specification documents.
  • AAS Java Model: The AAS Java Model enables users to model and to represent their Digital Twins using AAS metamodels and submodels.
  • AAS Java Serializer: The AAS Java Serializer enables users to serialize the AAS model into JSON, RDF, XML, AASX, OPC UA, AutomationML. This feature is necessary to support the import/export of AAS from/to these formats and validate them.
  • AAS Transformation Library: The AAS Transformation Library brings the content from existing industry-standards such as OPC UA and AutomationML to the AAS.
Latest Releases

From 2024-04-12 to 2024-02-13

Name Date Review
1.0.2 2024-04-12
1.0.1 2024-03-01
1.0.0 2024-02-13
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