Eclipse Sprotty 1.0.0 Release Review

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This release removes all deprecated API and lifts the project into the phase of maturity.

Architectural Issues

Eclipse Sprotty has a solid working code with stable APIs:

  • We have used the pre-1.0.0 versions to implement changes according to experience gathered with using the framework in real-world projects.
  • All changes are documented in the CHANGELOGs and deprecated API have been marked as such.
  • The accumulated deprecated API is being removed prior to the 1.0.0 release (#374) in order to get to a clean state; the goal is to keep the API as stable as possible once the project is declared mature.
  • Eclipse GLSP builds on top of Sprotty and has already graduated from its incubation phase.
  • Sprotty is being used successfully by several companies from various industrial branches; the framework is known to work reliably and to deliver high-quality graphical views.
Non-Code Aspects

Documentation and showcases are now available at

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

Usability has been a top priority for the Sprotty project from its beginning by following best practices and meeting expectations from modern tools, especially in the larger web context. Feedback from users has been implemented over the years, leading to new features that ease the interaction with the diagrams.

End of Life

API that was previously marked deprecated is removed: #374


Sprotty has an established and growing community around the project:

  • Eclipse GLSP uses Sprotty to render diagram editors.
  • Eclipse Sirius Web uses Sprotty to render diagram editors.
  • Sprotty features an integration with Eclipse Theia and is part of the wider Cloud DevTools community.
  • Sprotty features an integration with Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK).
  • Sprotty features an integration with Eclipse Xtext.
  • Eclipse Langium includes a Sprotty integration package.
  • Sprotty features an integration with Visual Studio Code, connecting to an even wider community of developers.
  • The Sprotty project receives issue reports from numerous adopters, many of which are unknown to the project committers, showing widespread adoption.
  • Presentations about Sprotty have been done at multiple EclipseCon instances since 2018.

Sprotty has diverse multi-organization committer/contributor/developer activity:

  • The major contributing organizations are TypeFox and EclipseSource.
  • In addition, the project has committers from Ericsson, Sigasi, University of Kiel and an independent committer.
  • There have been at least 20 occasional contributors from various affiliations.

The Sprotty project team is operating in the open using open source rules of engagement: