Eclipse e4 Project

Eclipse e4 is the incubator for the Eclipse project. Building on current Eclipse and OSGi technology as a solid foundation, its major goals include

  • Making it easier to write plugins
  • Allowing better control over the look of Eclipse based products
  • Providing a uniform, pervasive platform across computing environments (Web / RIA, Desktop, Server, Cloud, Embedded)
  • Increasing diversity of contributors to the platform
  • Maintaining backward compatibility for API-clean clients

In order to reach these goals, Eclipse APIs are refactored into services that make up a uniform application model, which supports dependency injection to run in multiple different contexts such as desktop or web; the Workbench is uniformly modeled to provide introspection, flexible shaping, CSS styling and declarative UI markup; SWT target platforms are added to run in the Browser; and many more initiatives in areas such as flexible resources, command recording, scripting, and plugins in other languages. We also look at pervasive themes such as reducing bloat, and many other themes are brought up by the broad community participating in this effort.

The mission of the e4 project is to build a next generation platform for pervasive, component-based applications and tools. See the original project proposal for more details.

Latest Releases

From 2012-06-27 to 2009-07-31

Name Date Review
2012.0.0 2012-06-27
2011.0.0 2011-06-22
2010.0.0 2010-07-28
0.9.0 2009-07-31
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