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Eclipse Equinox 4.8.0 (Photon) Release Review

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4.8.0 (Photon)


The Equinox 4.8 release continues to focus on implementing the latest Core OSGi specification and selected OSGi Compendium and Enterprise services. The OSGi R7 Core specification is currently under development and is planned be final before the Equinox 4.8 release. Draft specifications can be found here. The OSGi R7 Compendium and Enterprise specifications will also finalize before the Equinox 4.8 release and can be found here. The Equinox 4.8 release includes a full implementation of the R7 Core Framework as well as several compendium and enterprise service implementations. Many of the Equinox specification implementations from this release are used as the Reference Implementations for the OSGi R7 specification.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

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This release is part of Eclipse Photon