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    Project Leads

    Andrey Loskutov's picture

    Andrey Loskutov

    Sarika Sinha's picture

    Sarika Sinha

    Alexander Kurtakov's picture

    Alexander Kurtakov

    Lakshmi P Shanmugam's picture

    Lakshmi P Shanmugam

    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti's picture

    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

    Lars Vogel's picture

    Lars Vogel


    Elsa Zacharia's picture

    Elsa Zacharia

    Dawid Pakula's picture

    Dawid Pakula

    Federico Jeanne's picture

    Federico Jeanne

    Rahul Mohanan's picture

    Rahul Mohanan

    Heiko Klare's picture

    Heiko Klare

    Mihai Nita's picture

    Mihai Nita

    Hannes Wellmann's picture

    Hannes Wellmann

    Markus Duft's picture

    Markus Duft

    Jörg Kubitz's picture

    Jörg Kubitz

    Marcus Höpfner's picture

    Marcus Höpfner

    Jonah Graham's picture

    Jonah Graham

    Christoph Laeubrich's picture

    Christoph Laeubrich

    Andrew Obuchowicz's picture

    Andrew Obuchowicz

    Thomas Wolf's picture

    Thomas Wolf

    Vikas Chandra's picture

    Vikas Chandra

    Alexander Fedorov's picture

    Alexander Fedorov

    Sebastian Ratz's picture

    Sebastian Ratz

    Jens Lidestrom's picture

    Jens Lidestrom

    Julian Honnen's picture

    Julian Honnen

    Alexandr Miloslavskiy's picture

    Alexandr Miloslavskiy

    Michael Keppler's picture

    Michael Keppler

    Mat Booth's picture

    Mat Booth

    Simeon Andreev's picture

    Simeon Andreev

    Ed Merks's picture

    Ed Merks

    Wim Jongman's picture

    Wim Jongman

    Matthias Becker's picture

    Matthias Becker

    Karsten Thoms's picture

    Karsten Thoms

    Noopur Gupta's picture

    Noopur Gupta

    Lars Vogel's picture

    Lars Vogel

    Andrey Loskutov's picture

    Andrey Loskutov

    Alexander Kurtakov's picture

    Alexander Kurtakov

    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti's picture

    Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti

    Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi's picture

    Kalyan Prasad Tatavarthi

    Eric Williams's picture

    Eric Williams

    Mickael Istria's picture

    Mickael Istria

    Olivier Prouvost's picture

    Olivier Prouvost

    Dirk Fauth's picture

    Dirk Fauth

    Sarika Sinha's picture

    Sarika Sinha

    Niraj Modi's picture

    Niraj Modi

    Szymon Ptaszkiewicz's picture

    Szymon Ptaszkiewicz

    Lakshmi P Shanmugam's picture

    Lakshmi P Shanmugam

    Thomas Watson's picture

    Thomas Watson

    Mike Wilson's picture

    Mike Wilson

    Historical Committers

    Marc Erickson's picture

    Marc Erickson

    Phil Beauvoir's picture

    Phil Beauvoir

    Samantha Dawley  's picture

    Samantha Dawley

    Alex Blewitt's picture

    Alex Blewitt

    Kit Lo's picture

    Kit Lo

    Nikita Nemkin's picture

    Nikita Nemkin

    Rolf Theunissen's picture

    Rolf Theunissen

    Paul Pazderski's picture

    Paul Pazderski

    Till Brychcy's picture

    Till Brychcy

    Xi Yan's picture

    Xi Yan

    Conrad Groth's picture

    Conrad Groth

    Lucas Bullen's picture

    Lucas Bullen

    Mikaël Barbero's picture

    Mikaël Barbero

    Sergey Prigogin's picture

    Sergey Prigogin

    Patrik Suzzi's picture

    Patrik Suzzi

    Simon Scholz's picture

    Simon Scholz

    Jonas Helming's picture

    Jonas Helming

    Tony McCrary's picture

    Tony McCrary

    Leo Ufimtsev's picture

    Leo Ufimtsev

    Sergey Prigogin's picture

    Sergey Prigogin

    Wojciech Sudol's picture

    Wojciech Sudol

    Sopot Cela's picture

    Sopot Cela

    Daniel Rolka's picture

    Daniel Rolka

    Paul Elder's picture

    Paul Elder

    Malgorzata Janczarska's picture

    Malgorzata Janczarska

    Thanh Ha's picture

    Thanh Ha

    Arun Thondapu's picture

    Arun Thondapu

    Steve Francisco's picture

    Steve Francisco

    David Williams's picture

    David Williams

    Chris Austin's picture

    Chris Austin

    Hao Zhang's picture

    Hao Zhang

    Dean Roberts's picture

    Dean Roberts

    James Blackburn's picture

    James Blackburn

    Kai Toedter's picture

    Kai Toedter

    Yves YANG's picture

    Yves YANG

    Brian de Alwis's picture

    Brian de Alwis

    Christian Campo's picture

    Christian Campo

    Juergen Becker's picture

    Juergen Becker

    Stefan Liebig's picture

    Stefan Liebig

    Ovidio Jose Mallo's picture

    Ovidio Jose Mallo

    Praveen Innamuri's picture

    Praveen Innamuri

    Hitesh Soliwal's picture

    Hitesh Soliwal

    Pawel Pogorzelski's picture

    Pawel Pogorzelski

    Prakash Rangaraj's picture

    Prakash Rangaraj

    Serge Beauchamp's picture

    Serge Beauchamp

    Krzysztof Daniel's picture

    Krzysztof Daniel

    Remy Suen's picture

    Remy Suen

    Martin Oberhuber's picture

    Martin Oberhuber

    Francis Upton IV's picture

    Francis Upton IV

    Rodrigo Peretti's picture

    Rodrigo Peretti

    GowriSharmi Kandasamy's picture

    GowriSharmi Kandasamy

    Pawel Piech's picture

    Pawel Piech

    Scott Kovatch's picture

    Scott Kovatch

    Oleg Krasilnikov's picture

    Oleg Krasilnikov

    Matthew Hall's picture

    Matthew Hall

    Adam Archer's picture

    Adam Archer

    Tomasz Zarna's picture

    Tomasz Zarna

    Uttaran Dutta's picture

    Uttaran Dutta

    Duong Nguyen's picture

    Duong Nguyen

    Christof Marti's picture

    Christof Marti

    Tim deBoer's picture

    Tim deBoer

    Simon Kaegi's picture

    Simon Kaegi

    Adam Kiezun's picture

    Adam Kiezun

    Kelvin Chan's picture

    Kelvin Chan

    Szymon Brandys's picture

    Szymon Brandys

    Lynne Kues's picture

    Lynne Kues

    Kai-Uwe Maetzel's picture

    Kai-Uwe Maetzel

    Shailesh Patel's picture

    Shailesh Patel

    Andrew Niefer's picture

    Andrew Niefer

    Brian Bauman's picture

    Brian Bauman

    Walter Harley's picture

    Walter Harley

    Thomas Schindl's picture

    Thomas Schindl

    Benno Baumgartner's picture

    Benno Baumgartner

    Curtis Windatt's picture

    Curtis Windatt

    Dave Orme's picture

    Dave Orme

    Philipe Mulet's picture

    Philipe Mulet

    Markus Keller's picture

    Markus Keller

    Tobias Widmer's picture

    Tobias Widmer

    Dirk Baeumer's picture

    Dirk Baeumer

    Jean-Michel Lemieux's picture

    Jean-Michel Lemieux

    Martin Aeschlimann's picture

    Martin Aeschlimann

    Sonia Dimitrov's picture

    Sonia Dimitrov

    Tom Hofmann (nee Eicher)'s picture

    Tom Hofmann (nee Eicher)

    DJ Houghton's picture

    DJ Houghton

    Ed Burnette's picture

    Ed Burnette

    Tod Creasey's picture

    Tod Creasey

    Jim Des Rivieres's picture

    Jim Des Rivieres

    Jeff McAffer's picture

    Jeff McAffer

    Nick Edgar's picture

    Nick Edgar

    Darin Wright's picture

    Darin Wright

    Dejan Glozic's picture

    Dejan Glozic

    James Moody's picture

    James Moody

    John Arthorne's picture

    John Arthorne

    John Wiegand's picture

    John Wiegand

    Kim Moir's picture

    Kim Moir

    Steve Northover's picture

    Steve Northover

    Billy Biggs's picture

    Billy Biggs

    Christophe Cornu's picture

    Christophe Cornu

    Darin Swanson's picture

    Darin Swanson

    Erich Gamma's picture

    Erich Gamma

    Grant Gayed's picture

    Grant Gayed

    Karice McIntyre's picture

    Karice McIntyre

    Kevin Haaland's picture

    Kevin Haaland

    Kevin McGuire's picture

    Kevin McGuire

    Kim Horne's picture

    Kim Horne

    Semion Chichelnitsky's picture

    Semion Chichelnitsky

    Stefan Xenos's picture

    Stefan Xenos

    Frederic Fusier's picture

    Frederic Fusier

    Jared Burns's picture

    Jared Burns

    Janek Lasocki-Biczysko's picture

    Janek Lasocki-Biczysko

    Lina Kemmel's picture

    Lina Kemmel

    Rafael Chaves's picture

    Rafael Chaves

    Silenio Quarti's picture

    Silenio Quarti

    Wassim Melhem's picture

    Wassim Melhem

    Andre Weinand's picture

    Andre Weinand

    Carolyn MacLeod's picture

    Carolyn MacLeod

    Curtis D'Entremont's picture

    Curtis D'Entremont

    Eric Moffatt's picture

    Eric Moffatt

    Felipe Heidrich's picture

    Felipe Heidrich

    Bogdan Gheorghe's picture

    Bogdan Gheorghe

    Gary Karasiuk's picture

    Gary Karasiuk

    Kevin Barnes's picture

    Kevin Barnes

    Lorne Parsons's picture

    Lorne Parsons

    Olivier Thomann's picture

    Olivier Thomann

    Pascal Rapicault's picture

    Pascal Rapicault

    Veronika Irvine's picture

    Veronika Irvine

    Atsuhiko Yamanaka's picture

    Atsuhiko Yamanaka

    Boris Bokowski's picture

    Boris Bokowski

    Susan McCourt 's picture

    Susan McCourt

    Branko Tripkovic's picture

    Branko Tripkovic

    John Duimovich's picture

    John Duimovich

    Brad Reynolds's picture

    Brad Reynolds

    Chris Aniszczyk's picture

    Chris Aniszczyk

    Rodney Dowdall's picture

    Rodney Dowdall

    Nick Boldt's picture

    Nick Boldt

    Suresh Raju's picture

    Suresh Raju

    Chris Goldthorpe's picture

    Chris Goldthorpe

    Oleg Besedin's picture

    Oleg Besedin

    Michael Valenta's picture

    Michael Valenta

    Samantha Chan's picture

    Samantha Chan

    Anthony Hunter's picture

    Anthony Hunter

    Michael Rennie's picture

    Michael Rennie

    Michael D. Elder's picture

    Michael D. Elder

    Saurabh Agarwal's picture

    Saurabh Agarwal

    Manish Bhargava's picture

    Manish Bhargava

    Paul Webster's picture

    Paul Webster

    Matthew Hatem's picture

    Matthew Hatem

    Mikhail Voronin's picture

    Mikhail Voronin

    Artyom Kuanbekov's picture

    Artyom Kuanbekov

    Dani Megert's picture

    Dani Megert