Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection CDI 4.1 Release Review

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CDI 4.1


The Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1 goals for this release are described in the issues associated with the CDI 4.1/5.0 milestone label. The associated issues can be found by viewing this link:


The current scope of the issues includes:

  • Breaking up spec/TCK to remove circular dependencies
  • Method invokers
  • Getting interceptor bindings in standard way
  • @Priority on producers
  • Review unused imports in classes in CDI 4
  • How can getReference() legally be invoked during AfterDeploymentValidation event if contexts have not been created yet?
  • Programmatic access to Assignability rules
  • Add methods to BeanConfigurator for applying decorators
  • List of potential changes/features for next CDI version
  • Base Java SE version to use in APIs
  • Improve wording of managed bean requirements WRT non-static public fields
  • Inconsistent behavior when finding unproxyable bean
  • possibly remove the references to the Managed Beans specification
  • possible rename of Jakarta Bean Validation to Jakarta Validation
  • previous rename of Jakarta Server Faces to Jakarta Faces
  • Assignability of raw and parameterized types for type variables with multiple bounds (CDI-440) spec-clarification

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