Jakarta XML Web Services 3.0 (Jakarta SOAP with Attachments) Release Review

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3.0 (Jakarta SOAP with Attachments)


This release contains following changes:

  • adds SOAPEnvelope.createName(String, String): Name method
  • does not allow null arguments in SOAPFault.createFault(String, String)
  • extends SOAPConnection to implement java.io.Autocloseable
  • adds API to allow setting timeouts for set timeout for SOAPConnection.call
  • drops all references to JAXM
  • drops the search through Java SE instalation in the implementation lookup
  • removes deprecated SOAPElementFactory
  • editorial updates and clarifications in the specification

Requires Java SE 11 or newer (aligned with Jakarta EE 10).

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
This release is part of Jakarta 10