Eclipse Krazo 1.1.0 Release Review

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Eclipse Krazo 1.1.0 will be the second release of Eclipse Krazo. This version will implement the Jakarta MVC 1.1 specification.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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  • Solid working code with stable APIs

    This is the second release of Eclipse Krazo. It passes the TCK for Jakarta MVC, which is a solid and extensive test suite. 
  • An established and growing community around the project

    Krazo was the reference implementation for JSR 371, and is now a compatible implementation of Jakarta MVC. So far, it is the only implementation of Jakarta MVC and provides implementations working with three implementations of Jakarta RESTful Webservices; Eclipse Jersey, RESTEasy and Apache CXF. This means it is suitable for a wide range of Jakarta EE runtimes if included in a future Jakarta EE Web Profile release. 
  • Diverse multi-organization committer/contributor/developer activity

    There were 17 contributors to Ozark before the move to Eclipse Foundation. Currently, there are eight committers from several organizations. 
  • Operation in the open using open source rules of engagement

    Contributions are welcome from everyone. All communication is done on the public mailing list and GitHub repositories All committers are there based on their contributions to Ozark (before moving to Eclipse Foundation) or Eclipse Krazo.