LocationTech GeoMesa 1.2 Release Review

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GeoMesa is an Apache licensed open source suite of tools that enables large-scale geospatial analytics on cloud and distributed computing systems, letting you manage and analyze the huge spatio-temporal datasets that IoT, social media, tracking, and mobile phone applications seek to take advantage of today.

GeoMesa does this by providing spatio-temporal data persistence on top of open-source distributed column-oriented databases for massive storage of point, line, and polygon data. It allows rapid access to this data via queries that take full advantage of geographical properties to specify distance and area.  GeoMesa also provides support for near real time stream processing of spatio-temporal data by layering spatial semantics on top of the Apache Kafka messaging system.


Through a geographical information server such as GeoServer, GeoMesa facilitates integration with a wide range of existing mapping clients by enabling access to its databases and streaming capabilities over standard OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) APIs and protocols such as WFS and WMS. These interfaces also let GeoMesa drive map user interfaces and serve up data for analytics such as queries, histograms, heat maps, and time series analyses.

GeoMesa 1.2.0 is the first official Eclipse LocationTech release.  This release includes the Accumulo data store as well as early previews for HBase, Google Bigtable, and Cassandra for very high volume spatio-temporal data at rest and the Kafka data store for streaming spatio-temporal data.  Additionally, 1.2.0 provides a fast, extensible ETL library for loading raw data into GeoMesa, bindings for MapReduce Input and Output Formats, and an API for integrating with Apache Spark.



Non-Code Aspects

GeoMesa documentation has been extensively updated in this release.  Documentation and tutorials can be found on GeoMesa's home page.

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Community information can be found at GeoMesa home page, the LocationTech project page, and GeoMesa's GitHub repository