LocationTech JTS Topology Suite™ 1.17.1

Functionality Improvements

  • Add WKBReader and WKBWriter support for POINT EMPTY (#567)

Performance Improvements

  • Improve performance of PreparedPolygon covers and contains for point inputs (#577)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix IndexedPointInAreaLocator thread-safety (#572)
  • Fix WKTReader to handle MultiPoints containing EMPTY (#575)
  • Fix API compile regression by removing deprecation on geometry reverse methods (#582)

JTS TestBuilder

Functionality Improvements

  • Add per-Layer palette control for Strokes and Fills

JTS TestRunner

Functionality Improvements

  • Enhance -geomfunc to load multiple function classes
  • Fix function registry to replace matching loaded functions (#569)
Release Date
Release Type
Service release (bug fixes only)