LocationTech JTS Topology Suite™ 1.18.1

Version 1.18.1

Release Date: 02/26/2021

Functionality Improvements

  • Check for invalid polygonal geometry before fixing in DouglasPeuckerSimplifier, VWSimplifier, Densifier (#656)
  • Add Coordinate and subclasses create() methods (#637)
  • Ensure OverlayNG input line order is preserved (#665)
  • Add UnaryUnionNG functions that accept Collections (#669 and #670)
  • Switch to using compact-SRID WKB format (#664)
  • Improve WKBReader error checking (#675)
  • Improve Densifier splitting algorithm to create longer segments (#677)
  • Allow constructing invalid Polygons and LinearRings with only 3 vertices (#682)
  • Ensure invalid 3-point polygons and rings are handled correctly (#683)
  • Fix GeoJSONReader to parse null and empty coordinates as empty geometry (#687)
  • Fix GeoJSONWriter to emit empty coordinates array for empty point and linestring (#688)
  • Add MaximumInscribedCircle check for invalid tolerance, to avoid infinite loops (#696)
  • Add GeoJsonWriter.setForceCCW method to emit polygons with CCW orientation, as per GeoJSON specification (#694)

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Densifier creates Coordinates with same class as input (#637)
  • Fix Relate for cases with closed linear geometry and empty geometry (#671)
  • Fix Densifier to avoid splitting segments with length equal to distance tolerance (#676)
  • Fix Geometry.compareTo to test polygon holes (#678)
  • Fix OverlayNG handling of polygons with interior flat lines (#685)
  • Fix Polygonizer to avoid NPE on invalid input (#692)


  • Added utility to dump out formatted WKB (#673)
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Minor release