LocationTech libspatialindex

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LocationTech libspatialindex is a "Gang of Four"-inspired C/C++ library for implementation of spatial indexes. It contains a number of features that make it a valuable key component of many spatial software stacks, but its stand out feature is that of providing a generic interface to which specific index implementations can be adapted. Some of its current major features include:

  • R* tree with quadratic and linear splitting variants
  • MVR and TPR trees
  • Disk and memory serialization
  • Storage adaptation
  • Bulk sorting and insertion
  • Arbitrary shape range queries
  • C API 

The addition of a C API makes it easier for scripting languages like Ruby and Python to call into libspatialindex using FFI-style wrappers.

The library has had at least annual or semi-annual releases for the past six years. Open source project norms (release, bugs, mailing list, etc) have been actively used to engage the community. A website for the project exists at http://libspatialindex.org  with its contents being generated from source documents within the source tree.