Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform


Eclipse AMP provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools for representing, editing, generating, executing and visualizing agent models.

Agent models share characteristics with object models, but are:

  • Spatial: Models have explicit environment(s) in which agents interact. (An environment need not be a physical landscape; other examples of spatial relationships include social networks or positions within a logic system.)
  • Temporal: Models change over discrete units of time.
  • Autonomous: Agent behaviors are activated independently from other object requests.
  • Heterogenous: Agents may share behavior definitions but have apparent and distinct states and behaviors.
  • Collective: Models contain large communities of agents which exhibit collaborative and competitive behaviors.
  • Emergent: Agents have collective macro-behaviors that are non-obvious from agent micro-specifications.
Name Date
0.9.0 2011-06-22
0.8.0 2010-01-08
Name Date
Termination Review 2023-09-27
0.9.0 Release Review 2011-06-08
0.8.0 Release Review 2010-06-23
Creation 2009-04-22