Eclipse Layout Kernel 0.2.0

Release Date

The release consists of ELK features bundled in an update site (p2 repository and zip file for offline use) as well as a Maven repository for our meta data compiler. The update site contains two sets of features:

  • Runtime library for end users.
  • SDK feature for developers.



Clients of previous releases will not be compatible with the new release. This is mainly due to the new graph data structure, which is now simpler to understand and easier to use.


This release is not completely localizable. Many UI strings have been externalized, but not all. No other languages other than English are provided.

Target Environments

ELK uses Java 1.8 features and is developed against Eclipse Neon.


New Graph Data Structure

The new ELK Graph replaces the old KGraph data structure. The old graph was a more general data structure, while the new ELK Graph was designed specifically with automatic layout in mind. The coordinate system was changed to be easier to understand. Also, hyperedges are now supported directly.