Eclipse Layout Kernel 0.8.0

Release Date

The release consists of ELK features bundled in an update site (p2 repository and zip file for offline use), non-Eclipse components published at Maven Central, and a zipped version of the documentation website for reference.

The update site contains two sets of features:

  • Runtime library for end users.
  • SDK features for developers.
  • Due to the rework of the considerModelOrder option and changes to the way other options work, clients of previous releases that use those options will not be compatible with this release.
  • The support for the layoutProvider extension point is dropped in favor of service loaders

This release is not completely localizable. Many UI strings have been externalized, but not all. No other languages other than English are provided.

Target Environments

ELK works with Java versions starting at 1.8 and has been tested with Eclipse 2021-06.