Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine 2.4.0 Release Review

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The Modeling Workflow Engine 2 (MWE2) is a rewritten backwards compatible implementation of the Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE). It is a declarative, externally configurable generator engine. Users can describe arbitrary object compositions by means of a simple, concise syntax that allows to declare object instances, attribute values and references.

Architectural Issues

no architectural issues

Security Issues

no security issues

Non-Code Aspects

Documentation is included and maintained by the Xtext project as Xtext is the main client for MWE.

Usability Details

The largest user interfaces is the MWE language, which is designed to be very readable and concise for the problem it solves. The IDE Ui parts are all designed along the standard Eclipse User Interface Guideleines and reuse existing extension point to integrate.

End of Life

No API removals or deprecation.


MWE is not implementing or using any standards.


MWE is mainly used in the context of Xtext, which has a lively community. MWE related questions are therefire useally discussed in the Xtext newsgroup.

This release is part of Kepler

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