The project produces development tools such as computer programming language tools (compilers, editors, debuggers), performance tools, and test tools.

Eclipse Apoapsis

The Eclipse Apoapsis project provides a process and a reference implementation for large-scale software composition analysis (SCA). The ORT Server reference implementation is based on the OSS Review

Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE

The Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE is based on Eclipse Theia, which provides all of the tools necessary for development. Theia consists of a rich interface with a vast range of features that accelerate

Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java

The Eclipse Migration Toolkit for Java is a tooling project for assisting the Java version migration. The project provides static/dynamic tools and documents that support the migration of Java

Eclipse AASX Package Explorer and Server

Eclipse AASX Package Explorer and Server is a suite for viewing, creating, editing and hosting Industrie 4.0 Asset Administration Shell packages. Eclipse AASX Package Explorer is a tool with graphical

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform™ is an open-source project aimed at reducing fragmentation in the consumer and IoT device industry which is interoperable with OpenAtom Foundation's OpenHarmony project

Eclipse CDT Cloud

Eclipse CDT Cloud hosts components and best practices for building customizable web-based C/C++ tools. As a demonstration of how these components can be integrated with each other, CDT Cloud provides

Eclipse DataEggs

Eclipse DataEggs provides datasets related to the Eclipse forge and development of Eclipse projects. The datasets provided include: Mailing lists (full mboxes and csv extracts) hosted at the Eclipse


Eclipse TRACE4CPS™ (TRACE) maintains and evolves a visualization and analysis tool for the performance engineering of cyber-physical systems. It has a strong focus on industrial applicability. There

OSGi® Technology Project

The OSGi® Technology Project hosts open source OSGi technology projects which are adjacent to the OSGi Specification Project but don't produce OSGi specifications or TCKs for OSGi specifications. Such

Eclipse LSAT

The Eclipse LSAT™ project provides a toolkit for the early design of (mechatronics-intense) flexible manufacturing system development adhering to the MBSE paradigm. It enables the specification of the