Eclipse MoDisco 1.1.0

Eclipse MoDisco (version 1.1.0) provides an extensible model driven reverse engineering framework to elaborate on solutions supporting different scenarios such as software modernization, quality assurance, retro-documentation, architecture improvement, etc. It offers base generic components (Model Browser, Discovery Manager, OMG metamodels, etc.) as well as the dedicated support (metamodels, model discoverers, transformations, etc.) for dealing with several different technologies such as Java, JEE, XML.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen
Name Date Description
M3 2016/11/04
M4 2016/12/16
M5 2017/02/03
M6 2017/03/17
M7 2017/05/19
RC1 2017/05/26
RC2 2017/06/02
RC3 2017/06/09
RC4 2017/06/16
Release 2017/06/28